Scott Tinervin

General Manager

Scott Tinervin is currently the General Manager for Long Beverage in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Scott started in the beer industry at Peerless Beverage. While at Roanoke College, Scott would spend summer and winter breaks in various roles including delivery, graphics, warehouse, and merchandising.

After graduating Scott’s first job was with Nabisco in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was an invaluable experience that provided training in route sales, customer service, and the DSD industry.

Three years later Scott found his way back into the beer industry with Mutual Distributing specializing in the On Premise. The role was designed to drive sales and distribution with targeted accounts and venues while working alongside sales representatives and suppliers.

Joining Diageo in 2001, Scott spent the next 18 years in various roles throughout the Southeast and Pacific Northwest. This journey was filled with milestones that include marriage and children along with taking on new sales leadership positions within Diageo.

After moving back to Chapel Hill, Scott joined Long Beverage in late 2018 as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Working with distributors has always been a passion and this allowed Scott to develop inside another tier of the beverage industry.

Promoted to General Manager in 2022, Scott will remain focused on our family values, growing our people, and driving high-level performance.