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Long Beverage, Inc.
10500 World Trade Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27617
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Route Accounting & Logistics

Route Accounting (Encompass Technologies)
Long Beverage continually stays on top of new technology to support our sales team, operations, administration and customers.
By remaining on the cutting edge, Long Beverage can:
·         Increase focus on selling opportunities, manage out-of-stocks.
·         Increase accountability through surveys, task and asset tracking
·         Easy to learn optimized visual route maps lower operational costs
·         Simple drag and drop changes to routes and truck loads
·         Access reports, tools, and data via the web, smartphone or tablet
·         Real-time web-based interactive reports with drill down to any level of detail.
·         Increase accuracy and lower total cost of ownership
·         Measure individual & team performance via real-time pick productivity reports
·         Intuitive touch screen interface shortens learning curve.
Routing and Logistics Software
Route Planning Software (Encompass Technologies)
Long Beverage faces a series of daily challenges, from high volumes of customer orders, to organization, to rising fuel costs, to managing drivers and vehicles, to continuous changes in road and traffic conditions, to tight time windows …
Those are just a few of the scenarios Long Beverage faces – and constantly overcomes. Our effort continues to consistently improve and discover new and improved methods in route efficiency and servicing customers.
With effective use of advanced technology, Long Beverage’s customers experience significant gains that result in increased profitability. Success had been delivered through:
·         Reduction in miles driven
·         Reduction in vehicles
·         Reduction in overtime
·         Reduction in routing time
·         Increased vehicle capacity
·         Dramatic improvements in driver management
·         Dramatic improvements in customer service
Long Beverage Transportation Management Tools Help Everyone Succeed



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