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North Carolina Support & Impact

Business Provides State Support
NC Beer and Wine Distributors, including Long Beverage, are locally owned and operated businesses that promote responsibility and moderation. They support local education programs, charity events and public service initiatives designed to educate the public about such issues as drunk driving, underage consumption and recycling. The beer and wine distributors create good paying jobs, pay taxes and give back to the community they serve.
Distributors are responsible for providing transportation, refrigerated storage and maintenance for beer and wine products from the time they leave the supplier until they arrive at the retailer.  After delivery, distributors monitor shelves to maintain product freshness and integrity.
Our distributors are the key component in maintaining accountability for alcohol sales.  They are licensed to comply with the state’s rules and regulations for alcohol beverage control.
Long Beverage is proud to be a key contributor to the family of North Carolina Beer and Wine distributors. North Carolina distributors contribute over 5,000 employees located around the state, their dedication ensures local store shelves are stocked in safe, orderly fashion and their dedication to policing the market. They guarantee the marketplace will not be infiltrated by counterfeit, unsafe and bootleg products.
The distributors in North Carolina collectively provide employees with up-to-date, professional wages and competitive benefits, totaling $330 million annually.
NC Beer and Wine Distributors annually collects over $140 million in excise taxes for the State of North Carolina. The collection of distributors efficiently handles monthly excise taxes, providing a valuable state tax collection service. It is estimated NC Beer and Wine distributors pay $300 million annually in business and personal taxes to federal, state and local governments.
Visit the North Carolina Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association page for more details http://ncbeerwine.com/



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